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Subsequently she takes up the Brombach coming from Lake Brombach and passes a spread of factories and the settlements of Mühlstetten and Niedermauk, two districts of the city of Röttenbach inthe Roth area. Finally, the Swabian Rezat unites between the namesake of the municipality of Georgensgmünd on the left and its district of Petersgmünd on the correct at 341.7 m excessive with the southwest, some longer and extra receptive Franconian Rezat for the oblique Major inflow Rednitz. There, the catchment space, seen in nature, has a share in the eaves of the southern Franconia alb, extra precisely of their understood ( from the southwest to northeast ) Weißenburger Alb, Anlauteralb and Anlauter- Braun- Juratrichter. Bachklingengraben, from correct and southwest to less than 410 m above sea degree. After descending from the Alb plateau, the Scheide strikes, initially over the Franconian Alb- Zeugenberg Schloßberg (606.7 m ), in entrance of, amongst other issues, the tributaries of the greater Roth roughly northwest to the confluence with the Franconian Rezat, Right here the catchment area of ​​the Rednitz borders on the skin. The northern watershed west of the mouth borders the lower catchment area of ​​the Franconian Rezat, which also competes in the northwest via its proper – hand tributary Erlbach close to Höfstetten. NHN between Muhr am Notice in the southeast and Ornbau within the northwest and is bordered within the southern by the Altmühlsee, in the japanese by the Mönchswald, within the northern by the towns of Hirschlach and Heglau and in the western by the Altmühlzuleiter.

valley and the rest of the correct catchment area belong from there to the mouth of the Rother Sanda slabs, while the left catchment space is distributed to the subcontracts southern foreland of the Spalter Hügellandes ( with Brombachgrund ) in south, southern Spalter Hügelland within the northwest and north Zipple eastern foreland of the Spalter Hügellandes muzzle on the left of the Rezat. The western and southwestern watershed runs in direction of the greater Altmühl and its smaller left -wing tributaries. NHN extreme summits of the leaf bichel east of the Wülzburg on the southeastern water sheath. Then it runs a brief piece straight on the water sheath and turns north proper here . After giant water construction measures, the Swabian Rezat immediately leads water from rainy south of Bavaria to the north of Bavaria. After the Ludwig Maximilians College in Munich and the Technical University of Munich, it’s the third largest university in Bavaria. After the conflict, however, the college denied this, and it was only within the nineteen nineties that this chapter began to deal with. For historic reasons, the places of the school are unfold over the metropolitan cities of Erlangen and since 1961 on Nuremberg and also on Fürth since 2004. Just a few hundred meters after its source, the Swabian Rezat Dettenheim flows through and has been led underground to the western exit since the channeling in 1962/1963.

400 employees and as a lot as 3, 000 faculty college students . NN and 4 hundred m above sea stage. The Brombachsee, one among an important reservoirs in Central Europe, is located in the catchment area. From the 1970s, the Brombachsee with its three components of Große Brombachsee, Kleiner Brombachsee and Igelsbachsee as effectively because the Altmühlsee on the Altmühl delivering the water had been created. When there’s flooding at the Altmühl gauge in Gern near Ornbau, water is fed into the Altmühlsee via the Altmühl feeder. NN on the boundary from Ornbau to the town of Merkendorf, approx. The Wiesmet lies on the place of the cities of Merkendorf, Ornbau and Arberg within the Ansbach area and the towns of Muhr am View and Gunzenhausen within the Weißenburg- Gunzenhausen area. The residents of Hasenbruck and Fischhof needed to be relocated for the construction. Amberg Amberg shoulder and foot ponds The finger and base ponds are fed from the nearby Fürstenquelle. The multi- stage dam structure consists of a assist physique, dam core, sealing wall, filter layers, hearth wall with inspection corridor, floor filter and underground diaphragm wall. The small, two- half castle stables consists of an outer bailey, which had an space of ​​ ​​around 60 by 50 meters, and a core castle area. The Swabian Rezat drains an area of ​​285. 0 km². With over 89 hectaresit is the biggest of the nature reserves on the Brombachsee.

The Wiesmet is one of an important and most important wetlands in southern Germany with around 1100 hectares. The construction of the Franconian Lake Land was misplaced round 900 hectares of the Wiesmet, which is why the Free State of Bavaria bought and renatured around 170 hectares of land. ↑ Biber advice( Memento of the distinctive July 10, 2015 on the internet Archive )Data: The archive link has been used routinely and has not yet been checked. ↑ Wiesmet an important meadow breeding area of ​​southern Germany. Many farmers have contractually committed themselves to accepting restrictions on agricultural use so as to keep up the Wiesmet as a habitat. The realm is protected as a fauna flora habitat and as an EU bird protection area and is decided as a flood house in 100- yr analysis flood. It is situated in an uninhabited space north of the Altmühlsee in southern Middle Franconia. The world is recurrently flooded by the Altmühl, which has its lowest gradient here. In the same flat meadow area, at an altitude of around 420 m, a physique of water rises about 100 m to the left of it and flows through the stays of the historic Fossa Carolina with a slight gradient to Altmühl, slightly under 2 km away.

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