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From the viewing platform you’ve an outline of the Brombachsee within the east and the Altmühlsee (More about the author) within the west, as nicely as the previous course of the Obergermanisch-Raetischer Limes, which reached its northernmost level in Center Franconia about five kilometers south near Gunzenhausen. The good Brombachsee is around 37 kilometers as the crow flies south of Nuremberg and 13 kilometers east of Gunzenhausen. Arises at round 455 m above sea level. With an area of ​​around two square kilometers, it’s the largest nature reserve within the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district. Ramsberg am Brombachsee is a municipal part of the Pleinfeld market inside the Middle Franconian district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen in Bavaria. The tower is situated between the municipal parts of Gräfensteinberg and the Igelsbach municipality in Haundorf. After that once more in the open run, he passes the Letzleinsmühle on the appropriate financial institution, now flows north between the Galgenberg proper and the last wasteland Simonsmühle from Gnotzheim to the left after which switches to the town form of Gunzenhausen proper beneath his hamlet of Steinacker on the best tendency. To protect in opposition to sub -flushing the barrier construction, there is a sealing wall beneath the core, which extends all the way down to the rock underground. The so -known as sand axis Franconia was the title of a venture of a number of environmental associations for the protection of rare sand habitats along the Rednitz, the Pegnitz and the Regnitz.

In the east-north-east run, the Wurmbach then crosses the B 466, if Unterwurmbach passes on its northern edge, once more reaches the museum railway, which has now been mixed with the Treuchtlingen-Würzburg railway line, runs along its dam and crosses the b 13 branched off the opposite federal road. Reverse the northwest nook of Gunzenhausen's city middle, the Wurmbach then flows into the middle Altmühl at the Altmühl bridge on the railway after a 12.9 km run from the right and southwest, which flows around the Altmühlsee just above. Supply fed. Along the federal highway 466, which it crosses underneath twice after leaving the forest on a north-easterly course towards the eponymous predominant town of Markt Gnotzheim, it reaches it and briefly runs underneath its western tip. NHN the e book fountain on the eastern slope of the Eichelberg near the market in the Arberger village of Kemmathen. The whole size of the district border between Westheim within the southwest and Markt Gnotzheim in the northeast. 1.8 km north-northwest of the middle of the parish village of Ostheim within the municipality of Westheim at round 512 m above sea stage.

It then runs north-northwest in direction of the village of Maicha; On the left edge of the huge meadow there’s a ditch running subsequent to paths from Nordstetten. From Unterwurmbach, the small Wurmbach, which was created on the northwestern edge of the village, runs within the flat floodplain within the south of the south. Before the bigger sub-spine, the stream reaches the western edge of the B 466 and follows her somewhat north, whereas operating under the bridge of the railway line Nördlingen-Gunzenhausen, which is now used as a museum railway. The church on the seaside belongs to the Rendsburg-Eckernförde church district, among other things for baptisms and marriage ceremony ceremonies, but additionally for events on the seaside. 540 ha of sea and bank areas are under nature conservation. Is created at lower than 423 m above sea stage. Excursions are offered for school lessons and groups by which professional insights into the chicken, amphibian, insect and fauna there give. Winter and spring floods of the Altmühl are dammed up and scale back the flood in the lower reaches of the Altmühl and the Danube. To the north of the Wurmbach catchment area are the Altmühl feeder and the Altmühlsee that it feeds, close to the edge of which the Walder Altmühl leads not solely to seepage water from the lake but also to the water of smaller tributaries from the watershed to the Altmühl. Flood peaks of the Altmühl feed the flat, in depth water in the quite huge floodplains of the former river mattress via the Altmühl feeder near the Ornbauer district of Gern.

The catchment areas of the left Wörnitz tributaries "Western" Rohrach in the southeast, Bruckbach within the south and Grundbach within the southwest border the slightly quick southern watershed. Grenzgraben, from the left and southwest to about 433 m above sea degree. Auengraben, from the appropriate and southwest to above 385 m above sea degree border ditch, from the best and southeast to about 477 m above sea degree. The catchment area drains 43.6 km², which, along with the natural areas talked about, additionally features a tip of the Hahnenkamm to the best of the higher reaches, which is a part of the Southern Franconian Alb, the place the 642.Four m above sea level additionally belongs. The tower basket is lined with 24 concrete slabs, each weighing 9.5 tons. The Wurmbach is an almost 13 km long stream in the Central Franconian district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen in Bavaria, which flows into the middle Altmühl reverse Gunzenhausen from the left and south-southwest. Then the Hambach, a very powerful tributary with a size of round 8.5 km, flows from the left and from the northwest. 8.5 km and approx. The shallow water and island zone fowl sanctuary in the Altmühlsee, colloquially identified as the bird island, is a nature reserve in Gunzenhausen and Muhr am See in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district in Central Franconia. NHN Hohe Geiselsberg within the municipality of Haundorf in the Center Franconian district of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen (Bavaria). NHN on the northeast foot of the Wachtlerberg (587 m above sea stage).

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