Meet Australian sport’s power couples

Let’s face it: we all love a good love story, don’t we? 

Australian sport has been blessed with incredible talent, with the nation well and truly punching above its weight on the biggest stages.

Much of that success has been attributed to Aussie grit, the never-say-die mindset which has seen the most astonishing triumphs against all odds.

But, equally, having the support of loved ones can go a long way in unleashing an athlete’s potential. In rare situations, couples where both members compete at the highest level can inspire one another to greater success.

Here, Daily Mail Australia takes a look at Australia’s most-high profile couples from the world of sport.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis

Matildas captain Sam Kerr and her American fiance Kristie Mewis are undeniably the power couple of Australian sport.

The couple met while they were both playing for competing clubs in the US league in 2019, before speaking online for almost four months during the 2020 Covid lockdown.

They spent two weeks in quarantine together, where they quickly fell in love.

The pair continued their romance in the lead-up to the Olympics in 2021 where – following America’s defeat of Australia in the semi-finals – they were photographed together.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis have been dating since spending lockdown together

Kerr proposed to the USWNT star on September 1, with Matildas fans delighted

Their on-pitch embrace made headlines as Kerr’s break-up from her former longtime partner – another US club player, Nikki Stanton – had not yet become public.

Their cross-global romance has since been heavily documented on social media with both women amassing hundreds of thousands of followers.

‘We’re not private people. I like sharing my story. I like sharing who I am outside of football’ Kerr told UK publication Gaffer earlier this year.

‘Football is 5 per cent of my life’ she added.

And last month the pair ended tireless speculation about their relationship status, confirming that they are newly engaged.

‘[She’s] my biggest supporter, always listening to me nag and complain all, all of my crazy antics,’ Mewis said. 

The pair later uploaded a photo of the special moment Kerr dropped to one knee to ask the all-important question to Mewis. The post is captioned ‘September 1’ indicating they have been engaged for over three months. 

Mewis and Kerr will be closer together moving forwards, after Mewis signed for West Ham United, local rivals of Kerr’s team, Chelsea.  

Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy

Surprisingly, cricket couple Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy didn’t meet when they both reached the top level of their sport.

In fact, the married stars first met in primary school, at the age of 9. 

Their friendship blossomed into romance at the age of 18, and they grew closer when Starc volunteered to ferry Healy to her training sessions after she lost her green Ps for speeding between hockey and cricket sessions 

‘I think when I was about 20 – in the week before I went away on my first Australian tour – I realised I had been seeing Alyssa almost every day for a long, long while,’ Starc told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

‘It felt a bit weird asking but it was like, ‘Are we dating now?’ It just happened.’

The pair married in 2016 and share a passion for competition. During lockdown, Healy said they would spend ‘four hours an evening’ shooting each other on Call of Duty, and created ‘The Stealy Cup’ – a trophy they play for every year in golf. 

Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Starc are childhood sweethearts and are cricket superstars

The pair regularly support each other whenever they can

Healy and Starc are very competitive and regularly compate for the ‘Stealy Cup’

Healy has previously revealed the one romantic rule she and Starc always stick to when they’re competing on the golf course.

‘We do have a rule that you have to have a smooch after the 18th hole no matter what happens on those 18 holes. We have a smooch and go and have a beer,’ she said in January this year.

She has also explained how their competitive streaks can get a little out of hand.

‘Mitch’s best man at our wedding is my batting coach and he owns an indoor cricket centre and we both went to train one night when Mitch was home, we thought we’d have a hit together but we got banned from the centre because we both kept trying to hit the ball too hard,’ she said.

‘We’re way too competitive, it got a bit dangerous so we haven’t really done it too much since. I’m not too sure I’d be comfortable facing a 6 foot 5 Mitch bowling at 140km/h anyway.’

David Warner and Candice Warner

You must be living under a rock if you’re not familiar with David and Candice Warner.

The pair, who share three daughters together, don’t shun the public spotlight, with former ironwoman Candice more than willing to go into bat for her husband whenever his place in Australia’s Test team is called into question.

Their love story began in 2013 when they connected over Twitter.

‘I was away in England for the Ashes and I got another message from Candice… Then we just started texting and Skyping. It was bizarre,’ he told New Idea.

Amazingly enough, the pair actually grew up ‘about 500 metres from one another’ but ‘didn’t know each other.’

David and Candice Warner are not afraid to support one another in the public eye

Candice revealed she slid into David’s DMs while he was on an Ashes Tour in 2013

She revealed that they first met at a Bondi hotel after she had run in the City2Surf marathon, but she said David was rude to her at the time.

‘We met maybe a few years prior to us getting together,’ Candice said.

‘He had a girlfriend and I had just finished the City2Surf… I said to our mutual friend, ‘God, he’s not very friendly!”

‘I didn’t want anything from him, we were just saying hello cause we were from the area and he was a little arrogant and rude and I was like, ‘whatever.’

She said she saw him on a TV show years later and ‘slid into his DMs’ on Twitter.

‘I wasn’t interested at all and I remember seeing something on him on Foxtel or something… and I messaged him on Twitter… It was 2013. We just started chatting and it went from there.’

Candice soon went to England to meet David and their relationship went from there.

Their first date was at a gay bar in London.

Within a year, Candice fell pregnant with the couple’s first child, and they tied the knot in 2015, after Ivy Mae’s birth on September 11, 2014.

Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon

Their love story dominated headlines in 2022, but Cody Simpson and Emma McKeon’s relationship has gone from strength to strength.

McKeon and pop star Simpson first hit it off as training partners under gun coach Michael Bohl. 

The pair crossed paths after Simpson turned his back on his music career to chase his swimming dream, having been a national champion as a teenager.

Simpson and McKeon officially confirmed their relationship on Instagram in July 2022 and moved in together in the Gold Coast. They have since bought their first home as a couple.  

Emma McKeon and Cody Simpson became an item in the winter of 2022

Simpson says that McKeon has helped him find balance in his busy life

Simpson, who previously dated Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid, said he finally found what he was looking for in McKeon, who previously dated fellow swimmer Kyle Chalmers.

‘Emma is a huge part of my life, and has been such a positive influence on me in terms of keeping me grounded since we met,’ Simpson said.

‘She is a really calming presence, she has really helped me, and she just impresses me so much, she is such a wonderful person.

‘She just inspires me because, you know, I said to her (after Tokyo) a lot of other people who have done what you’ve done would act very differently about this,’ he said. ‘Her humility is so impressive, and it makes me want to be more like that – to be more like her.’ 

McKeon certainl;y gets the seal of approval from Simpson’s mother, Angie.

‘I adore them as a couple, and they’re lovely friends to boot. Being on the Australian team together makes my heart sing—she’s there for Cody for all the right reasons,’ she told Woman’s Day.

‘She’s a few years older—her maturity and cool head are the sort of qualities Cody adores in a woman. They’re two beautiful souls who fit together so well. With those gorgeous smiles, they’re like a couple of Cheshire cats—as a mum, that makes me so happy.’

Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary?

This spring has seen a new sporting romance blossom, with Matildas star Mary Fowler going public with NRL hero Nathan Cleary

Rumours of a tryst first emerged during the Women’s World Cup in the winter, with reports suggesting that the pair had been for ice cream together following an Adidas event.

Then, they were spotted enjoying a walk along the Nepean River, before things quietened down as Fowler returned to the UK to play for Manchester City while Cleary won a third premiership with the Panthers.

But then the rumour mill was in full swing again after Cleary was seen at a Matildas game in Perth, seemingly to cheer on his new love interest.

Nathan Cleary and Mary Fowler made headlines when they were spotted on a park date

Although the status of their relationship remains in question

All the speculation was later put to rest as Daily Mail Australia snapped the pair on a romantic park date in Western Australia, with Fowler laying on Cleary’s bare chest after going for a coffee together.

Clearly then attended another Matildas match and Fowler beamed with delight when she saw his face on the big screen, going onto score a wonderful goal.

Their relationship status was in the air when Fowler returned to Manchester while Cleary enjoted an off-season tour of the United States. But they put those doubts to rest after a romantic reunion at Sydney Airport before Christmas. 

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