Burgstall Old Castle (Thannhausen)

Whereas a stable perch population has formed in Lake Brombachsee, the number of pike over a meter long caught is declining ensuing from excessive fishing pressure. There were two buildings on the tower mound "about 17 by 17 meters in size"; they served as a forester's home on the time. A real burial mound is positioned about 150 meters west of the castle stables. ↑ College (Erlangen): Overview of the workers standing of the Royal Bavarian Friedrich-Alexanders College Erlangen : together with the listing of scholars. ↑ Sunday paper: Rolling pastoral care with the Schäferwagenkirche|Sunday paper – 360 levels evangelical. ↑ EELISA: EELISA Partners. ↑ Werner Falk: Floating hotel on Lake Brombachsee. Lake Brombachsee is positioned about 30 km south of Nuremberg within the south of Center Franconia Gunzenhausen within the west and Pleinfeld within the east. NN on the town boundary in the west. Stegwiesengraben, from the appropriate and west at about 434 m above sea degree. Froschgraben, from the left and east-northeast to over 434 m above sea stage. Kreuzfeldgraben, from the left and east-northeast at 427 m above sea degree. Sandbrunnengraben, from the left and east-northeast quickly after the previous one, approx.

Bannwiesengraben, from the left and northeast to under 422 m above sea stage. Return of the secondary department, from the left to over 422 m above sea stage. Ditch, from the precise and west to under 422 m above sea level. Arises below 429 m above sea stage. Holzäckergraben, from the left and northeast to over 429 m above sea degree. Feldgraben, from the left and northeast to under 421 m above sea stage. The stone ditch is created at lower than 440 m above sea stage. Arises under 423 m above sea level. Auengraben, from the suitable and northwest to round 423 m above sea stage. Krämleinsbach, from the left and northeast at round 423 m above sea degree. Graben, from the left and northeast to over 426 m above sea stage. → Exit of the Jochsberger Mühlkanal, to the fitting at 426 m above sea degree. → Exit of the Altmühl feeder, to the appropriate and southeast to under 416 m above sea degree. Arises below 435 m above sea stage. Seegraben, from the left and northeast to round 435 m above sea degree. Frankengraben, from the left and southwest to beneath 427 m above sea degree. Manndorfer Graben, from the best and west to below 418 m above sea degree. Hammetsgraben, from the correct and west at around 432 m above sea degree. → Departure of the Fallach, to the suitable and southeast at 415.9 m above sea degree. With the part names Speierhofgraben → Froschbächlein → Leimbach → Hagenbach.

Section identify sequence Braungartenbach → Däumelgraben → Oberer Mühlbach → Heglauer Mühlbach. Arises as Braungartenbach at lower than 459 m above sea stage. The following record is meant to be an summary of all landscape protection areas in Bavaria. However, training in the subject of Catholic religious instructing for educating at primary, secondary, secondary and vocational colleges, as a topic in academic research and as an elective topic for business educators continues to be possible. At the Nuremberg location of the school, each the educational scenic subjects and the formation of teachers concerned within the formation of humanities and social science. The College of Erlangen was affected to a lesser extent from the “cleansing” of the German universities in 1933 than most different universities. Moreover, it’s liable for wastewater therapy and operates the Brombachsee sewage treatment plant at the Prexelmühle in 1988, which was in-built 1988 Central sewage treatment plant of all communities is designed for a capacity of 30,000 inhabitants. The Eger is designed in this space within the river bed with stones. NN as Speierhofgraben on the edge of the forest southwest of Gebsattel-Speierhof. Foot of the Eichelberg.

nn in front of the southeastern outskirts of Colmberg on the foot of the Schulzenhöhe. NN east of the Merkendorf village of Großbreitenbronn in entrance of the Gibitzen forest. NN on the northern edge of the village of Neusitz-Wachsenberg. NN southwest of the village of Markt Colmberg-Poppenbach, approx. The barrier structure of the Altmühlsee is a dam that fully surrounds the lake. Fragment of the Ludwig-Donau-Most important Canal, approx. NN on the jap edge of the Burghausener Holz. NN within the alley subject in front of the Burghausener Holz. The wasteland was first mentioned in 1398, when on Might twenty ninth of that yr Stefan von Absberg together with his wife Barbara von Uttenhofen and his brother Hadmar offered, among different things, the "BeittenMüll" and the "BeittenWeyer" to the Ellingen Teutonic Order. Hagenbach, from the precise and west-northwest to beneath 425 m above sea stage. Augraben, from the right and west-northwest to below 370 m above sea level. Kreuthbach, from the suitable and west-northwest to over 426 m above sea stage. Seeholzgraben, from the left and northeast to over 426 m above sea level. Brunnengraben, from the proper and west to over 426 m above sea stage. Lachengraben, from the proper and west reverse the earlier one on the northern edge of Binzwangen, approx. NN earlier than Binzwangen, approx. NN lower than a kilometer southeast of Cadolzhofen on the rear Rabenbuck. NN in the kingdom of heaven on this aspect of the St 2245 from Bauzenweiler to Leutershausen as a drainage ditch. Finally runs southeast as a floodplain ditch next to the Altmühl.

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