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At the top of July 2023, two young cattle egrets had been detected at Altmühlsee. Since 1994, water has been pumped from the Danube to the highest of the canal utilizing pumps at the 5 locks on the southern ramp of the canal, from the place it flows downwards over one other barrage into the Rothsee, the place the water is stored and, if crucial, in two different ways can be delivered to the Regnitz. The Danube-Principal switch system consists of a complete of three lakes, including the Altmühlsee with a ring dam and two dams with Brombach and Rothsee, which include 5 dams because of their pre-dams, three hydroelectric power plants on the dams and the Hilpoltstein lock, the canal routes to the Altmühlsee and from there to Brombachsee (why not look here) as well as 27 other weirs on watercourses, a few of which have been expanded to accommodate increased water circulate. This water then flows through a power plant with three megawatts of electrical power on the Hilpoltstein lock with a fall top of 24.67 m. In the years 1994-2013, an average of 97 million m³ of water had been transferred to the Rothsee yearly, the pure inflow of the small Roth was around 1995-2013 on common 27.9 million m³ of water was over The water sheath was transferred, after the tip of the compensation, an average of 26.5 million m³ was transferred in 1999-2013 and 28.7 million m³ were given from the Brombachsee, whereby eleven million m³ of additional inflow is anticipated from the catchment space of ​​the Brombach every year.

With out the encore, the Regnitz can lead less than 10 m³/s water within the dryness of the Hüttendorf degree. Large adventures are also waiting on the water: kids, for example, set sail on board the MS Altmühlsee, for example as pirates. The Mandlesmühle, which is now positioned east of the massive Brombachsee, is used by the Wasserwirtschaftsamt Ansbach as an data center “Seenland – Water for Franconia”. Thalmässing): Abenberg, Allersberg, Büchenbach, Georgensgmünd, Heideck, Hilpoltstein, Kammerstein, Schwanstetten, Rednitzhembach, Röttenbach, Rohr, Roth, Spalt and Wendelstein. District of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen: Northern and Western a part of the district, with the municipalities of Absberg, Alesheim, Muhr a.see, Bergen, Burgsalach, Dittenheim, Ellingen, Ettenstatt, Gnotzheim, Gunzenhausen, Haundorf, Heidenheim, Höttingen, Markt Berolzheim, Meinheim, Nennslingen, Pfofeld, Pleinfeld, Polsingen, Raitenbuch, Theilhofen and Westheim. Probably the most important part of the lake belongs to the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district, a small a part of the northern shore of the lake lies in the Roth district. The Hahnenkammsee, 15 km to the south, the primary synthetic body of water in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district, and the Dennenloher See, 14 km to the west, are additionally part of the Franconian Lake District, though they don’t have anything to do with its water management function. The Hahnenkammsee was the first body of water within the Franconian Lake District created by creating reservoirs, and immediately it’s the second smallest reservoir after Lake Dennenloher.

The Shepherd Island is an island close to the southern bank of the Altmühlsee within the Franconian Lake District, north of Unterwurmbach, part of the municipality of the Central Franconian city of Gunzenhausen. A Regens Wagner Foundation facility in the Müssighof district allows folks with disabilities to work. The work was accomplished in the late 1990s and the whole construction was officially inaugurated on July 20, 2000. Construction was accomplished on July 20, 2000 with the official inauguration of the Großer Brombachsee by Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber. The 4.5 km² massive lake is surrounded by a 12.5 km lengthy circular dam, could be very shallow with a mean water depth of 2.5 m and the inlet has to department off from the river nicely above the lake as a way to be able to achieve the required storage target. 9.0 m³/s can bypass the facility plant. Your kids can spend numerous hours on the playground and you can comfortably watch them run round and benefit from the hours of sunshine. The water level of the Kleiner Brombachsee, like that of the Igelsbachsee, which is fed by the second massive tributary Igelsbach, is stored largely fixed by a pre-dam. ↑ Genesis online database of the Bavarian State Office for Statistics Desk 12411-003r Replace of the population standing: municipalities, reference date (inhabitants figures based mostly on the 2011 census) (help). ↑ Federal Statistical Workplace (ed.): Historic municipal directory for the Federal Republic of Germany.

Walter Bauer (ed.): Absberg – a thousand-yr historical past. Pleikard Joseph Stumpf: Absberg. Several district roads run by means of Absberg, connecting the town with the surrounding towns in addition to with the state street St 2222 and the federal street 466. Tip: The cycling map "Across the Altmühlsee" presents cycle paths to the towns of Merkendorf, Ornbau, Wolframs-Eschenbach, Mitteleschenbach, Weidenbach and Arberg. It is stored right here and, if necessary, released into the Regnitz via several different rivers. Whereas within the name Essential-Danube Canal the rivers in the phrase correspond to the geographical association on the north-facing map, the term Danube-Foremost transition displays the circulate path of the water pumped from the Danube and flowing inside the course of the principle. Danube water: Separately, the water degree is regulated at the highest through the primary-Danube Canal with the help of the Rothsee. The water administration office took measures and installed drainage and deep wells. In some cases, injury was reported for adjustment resulting from construction defects in previous years. Since the construction work was accomplished, the switch system has been looked after by the Ansbach Water Management Workplace (WWA Ansbach). As well as, floodwater in the higher Altmühl near Ornbau is diverted into the switch system, which is intended to protect the Altmühltal under from flooding. In the case of normal water degree, the water of the Altmühl doesn’t circulation through the Altmühlsee, but is guided in a river bed newly created when the lake is constructed north and east.

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